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Lucarelli_CC BY-SA 3.0_Isotomurus_palust

WP3: Belowground biodiversity & carbon sequestration across spatial scales


  • Management practices in vineyard can impact soil biodiversity and related processes and services

  • Below ground biodiversity plays key roles in ecosystems and influence a large number of important ES including  nitrogen cycling, carbon cycling, plant protection and production.

  • Microbial parameters are useful in monitoring ecosystem response to management practice or environmental stress because of their key role in most ecosystem services.

Photo: Lucarelli_CC BY-SA 3.0

WP3: Below-ground biodiversity and ES: Über mich


T3.1 Soil biota survey of macrofauna

Lead: Johann G. Zaller (BOKU)

T3.2 Soil biota survey of mesofauna

Lead: Mignon Sandor (USAMV)

T3.3 Soil biota survey of microorganisms (bacteria/fungi)

Lead: Emilio Benítez (CSIC)

T3.4 Soil biota survey of mycorrhiza

Lead: Emilio Benítez (CSIC)

T3.5 Estimation of carbon sequestration and soil fertility

Lead: Emilio Benítez (CSIC)

Photo: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sanchez_CC BY-SA 3.0

LuisMiguelBugalloSanchez_CC BY-SA
WP3: Below-ground biodiversity and ES: Willkommen
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