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WP2: Above-ground biodiversity and ES: Über mich

WP2: Above ground biodiversity & natural pest control across spatial scales


  • Field- and landscape scale heterogeneity increase above-ground biodiversity and pest control services in vineyards

  • Negative effects of high-intensity pesticide use and intensive ground cover management on natural enemies and pest control services can be mitigated by landscape heterogeneity

  • Management options that benefit natural pest control services and vineyard profitability also have positive effects on biodiversity conservation


T2.1 Harmonisation of a hierarchical multiscale study design

Lead: Adrien Rusch (INRA)

T2.2 Survey of pests and pest control potential

Lead: Adrien Rusch (INRA) & Christoph Hoffmann (JKI)

T. 2.3 Survey of natural enemy communities

Lead: Martin Entling (UKL)

T2.4 Indicators of biodiversity and conservation value

Lead: Martin Entling (UKL) & Silvia Winter (BOKU)

T2.5 Estimation of grape yield and quality

Lead: Christoph Hoffmann (JKI)

WP2: Above-ground biodiversity and ES: Willkommen
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