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WP4: Modelling ecosystem service provision across spatial scales


  • ES (i.e. pest control and yield) can be affected by local farm management (e.g., pesticide application rates, ground cover management, etc.) and landscape context (surrounding non-crop habitats).

  • Effectiveness of local farm management strategies can depend on surrounding landscape context and, in turn, these local farm management strategies can rely on surrounding landscape.

  • Climate change can modulate the distribution and life cycle related parameters of pests and the effectiveness of local farm management strategies.

WP4: Modelling ES provision: Einleitungstext


T4.1 Generation of a predictive model on biocontrol data from public database

Lead: Daniel Karp (UCD)

T4.2 Modelling of alien pest invasion based on laboratory experiments

Lead: Andreas Walzer (BOKU)

T4.3 Model validation with empirical field data collected during the project

Lead: Daniel Karp (UCD)

T4.4 Development of best-practice recommendations for stakeholders

Lead: Holger Bergmann (UGOE)

T4.5 Development of decision support tools for stakeholders in viticulture

Lead: Daniel Karp (UCD)

Photo: Martin Cooper CC BY 2.0

WP4: Modelling ES provision: Willkommen
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