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WP1: Stakeholder-driven scenario development and ABM


  • Awareness of multiple ecosystem services will influence land-use decisions by winegrowers (in favour of biodiversity).

  • Depending on the local context, both policies and climate change show different effects on farmers’ decisions which influence biodiversity and ES.

  • Stakeholders have different perceptions of drivers and challenges than the scientific community, and including this place-based knowledge leads to a more efficient supply of biodiversity-related goods and services.

  • Agent based Modelling (ABM) on the bases of stakeholder engagement processes contributes to bridging the gap between scientific and practical knowledge.

WP1: Scenario development and ABM: Einleitungstext


T1.1 Stakeholder-driven transdisciplinary regional scenario workshops

Lead: Holger Bergmann (UGOE)

T1.2 Stakeholder interviews & focus groups on management & ES valuation 

Lead: Holger Bergmann (UGOE)

T1.3 Development and implementation of locally adapted ABMs

Lead: Nina Schwarz (UT)

T1.4 Analysis of scenarios with ABMs

Lead: Nina Schwarz (UT)

T1.5 Data allocation for scenarios, modelling and field inventory (DB & meta-analysis)

Lead: Silvia Winter (BOKU)

WP1: Scenario development and ABM: Willkommen
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